Haneen Cultural Forum, founded in the Turkish city of Gaziantep in 2015, is a group of forcibly displaced Syrian women, who have decided to face the pain and suffering of war with intellectual and cultural empowerment. A second branch of Haneen was established in Berlin in 2016, Two new groups are being grounded in Dortmund and Canada this year. The project aims to provide its participants with support as well as preserve the Syrian folk song heritage. Haneen women represent a wide spectrum of Syria’s cultural components. Our goal is to create vocal groups in the Syrian diaspora, we focus particularly on women above the age of 45. The project helps to connect its members with their homeland, with the hope that this bond will create a safe space from which these women can begin to build positive relations with their new environment. The empowered women in Haneen are qualified to be active shapers of their own realities, and of Syria’s future.

Hannen Cultural Forum was founded as a valountrily initiative by the Syrian social activist Raja Banout. 

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